Anti-Pollution Hair Care - How to Protect Hair Against Toxins, Urban Pollution and Smog?

Anti-Pollution Hair Care - How to Protect Hair Against Toxins, Urban Pollution and Smog?

How the city affects hair, protection from toxins, hair detox, how to protect hair from urban pollution, anti-pollution hair care - these catchwords and questions fill up the Internet.

In autumn and winter, when nothing protects us from polluted air and when we have no chance to respite from smog and heated air generated by AC, this kind of protection is recognized as truly important, or even essential. Find out why and meet the best hair care procedures addressing hair needs that are caused by the modern civilisation. Start conditioning your strands as it should be done.

Anti-Pollution Hair Care - What's That?

In plain English, anti-pollution hair care equals protecting hair against contamination and smog, which is a mixture of heavy metals: nitrogen dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, cadmium, mercury, lead, particulate matter PM10 and PM2.5. They are dangerous and have a toxic effect on human body, including hair and skin.

Anti-Pollution Hair Care - A Trend or Must?

Anti-pollution hair care is one of the few trends that hasn't been born out of the need for beauty, innovation or modern cosmetology. It's a trend arisen out of the need to protect us from the infamous achievements of the modern civilisation. The high levels of air pollution, AC rooms, cigarette smoke, UV radiation and harmful light emitted by tablets and smartphones contribute to the occurrence of free radicals, oxidative stress as well as promote skin and hair aging.

Particulate matter 2.5 is said to be the most dangerous one. in other words, it's the dust which diameter doesn’t exceed 2.5 micrometres. Such particles are really tiny, effortlessly penetrating our bodies and also affecting the outer body parts such as hair and skin.

Who Should Definitely Go for Anti-Pollution Protection?

Anti-pollution protection is often confused with anti-aging routine. Indeed, moisturisers and professional anti-pollution hair products do slow down aging processes, yet they are dedicated to all ages. Undoubtedly, air pollution gives everyone a hard time without exceptions. That's why even baby's skin care should include products with natural oils rich in vitamins A, C, E. Everyone should follow anti-pollution routine, no matter their age. It matters mostly in winter and autumn and concerns people living in big cities - that is the very place where the concentration of toxins is the highest.

Anti-Pollution Protection - What Do We Actually Protect?

Apart from caring for health, well-being and youthfulness, we keep fighting to maintain hair and skin in their good condition. Sadly, unwanted blemishes on skin and hair are still visible to the naked eye. Due to smog and urban pollution, you end up with weaker hair coat, damaged inner hair structures, increased porosity, severe hair dehydration and breakage as well as chnges in skin structures (eczema, allergic reactions, acne, seborrhea, inflammation, aging).

Anti-Pollution Hair Care Cosmetics - Properties & Effects

In short, these are products delivering intensified protective effect; this exceptional quality depends on combining special substances with complete sets of ingredients which effectively block harmful environmental aggressors from penetrating hair and skin layers. Anti-pollution skin and hair products protect from oxidative stress, aging processes, intensive and accelerated devastation of cells, and slowing down cell division processes that take place in skin and hair matrix.

Today Using Anti-Pollution Products Is a Must

They are recommended for people exposed to air polluted by car fumes, cigarette smoke, chimney dust, as well as people spending lots of time in air-conditioned rooms and working in front of computer screens. Creams, shampoos, conditioners or oils effectively protect from oxidative stress which causes accelerated skin aging.

Anti-pollution - hair care how products action - delivered to hair

Why Should Hair Stay Protected From Smog?

Hair isn't just its outer part comprised of keratin layer (cuticles) and cortex. The rooted part of hair named hair bulb located inside skin is the only living part that continually works and 'bears' new hair. Heavy metals, toxins, urban pollution, smoke, smog and UV radiation distort both its work and the cell division processes taking place in hair matrix. Consequently, they considerably slow down hair growth process and, to make the matter even worse, they frequently contribute to developing the excessive hair loss problem.

Smog, which has been already mentioned, negatively affects the outer hair layers - it plasters them with toxins, making it impossible for conditioning substances to penetrate the inner structures of hair, it considerably damages hair coat, increases dehydration and brittleness, and changes hair porosity drastically. It's also worth realising that winter isn't the only season when the very tiny smog cuticles absorb urban pollution, therefore we have to provide strands with all-year-round protection and expose them to delicate but effective detox. And this can be done by oiling hair with well-matching oil blends.

Anti-Pollution Hair Care - How Does It Work?

Hair care cosmetics which belong the group of hair protection products constitute a specific type of cosmetics. Namely, their task doesn't limit just to protect and regenerate strands. In short, these are the products that detoxify hair so, in other words, they free hair from the coat of impurities and toxins that managed to plaster it.

Among the most essential indications concerning anti-pollution parapraxis we can distinguish:

  • cuticle layer protection
  • scalp protection
  • protection against heavy metals
  • protection against radiation (UV as well as so-called visible light)
  • hair detox as well as scalp and hair shaft deep cleansing
  • hair regeneration, nourishing and reinforcing
  • supplying hair with oxygen (oxybrasion or mesotherapy ampoules)

Anti-Pollution for Hair - Cosmetics & Treatments Protecting Hair Against Toxins

Hair detox equals a series of special-purpose cosmetics aiming at fighting and protecting hair against smog, urban pollution and UV radiation.

  1. Shampoo - always go for a micellar product, rich in substances of cleansing properties like Baicalin herbs or Hindu macerates.
  2. Scrub - more invasive than a micellar shampoo; it successfully manages to free hair and scalp from toxins. Additionally, it's able to improve the circulation of blood to the surface of the skin and stimulate cell division.
  3. Hair wash - the best form of detox that boosts the fight with smog is vinegar. Used as hair wash, it cleanses better than water does and additionally leaves hair acidified. Consequently, hair dehydration and cuticle layer damage are effectively prevented.
  4. Conditioner & Mask - it can be a highly protective oil or a special cosmeceutical that repairs, seals the cuticles and clears the hair of toxins. The best anti-pollution hair mask? Nanoil Activated Charcoal & White Clay guarantees intensive detox, a protective shield and voluminous, shiny tresses.
  5. Hair oiling - the safest anti-pollution hair treatment is hair oiling. Undoubtedly, oils serve their purpose in many aspects of hair care: they condition and cleanse scalp, detoxify hair shaft, shield against upcoming weaves of toxins and pollution, prevent damages and regenerate. During winter and autumn it's recommended to undergo hair oil treatment more often than once a week only.
  6. Specialist treatments - hair oxygenation - nowadays, oxybrasion and oxygen mesotherapy are recognized as highly popular treatments working as a salvation for the hair exposed to the aggressive action delivered by toxins.
Anti Pollution - what substances protect hair

Anti-Pollution Hair Care - What to Look for in Beauty Products?

Apart from laboratory-developed, innovative ingredients that are added to creams and hair masks, cosmetics labelled as anti-pollution frequently contain an array of youth vitamins known for sweeping off free radicals, or natural oils that constitue the source of vitamins A, C, E as well as phytosterlos and flavonoids. Additionally, in the fight against urban pollution you can turn to soothing allantoin, nicotinamide (reinforces the protective layer), patented compositions of plant extracts or well-balanced blends of oils that prevent uncontrolled hair porosity level increase. The above-mentioned Baicalin herbs and Hindu plants prevent the excessive production of free radicals encouraged by the presence of heavy metals.

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