A recipe for long hair. How to naturally speed up hair growth?

A recipe for long hair. How to naturally speed up hair growth?

It is said, that the most attractive women have long, shiny hair that would cover their shoulders. This is probably the most important female asset. Therefore, women often wonder, how to boost hair growth. Below, there is a handful of information regarding natural hair care aimed at faster hair growth.

How fast does the hair grow? It is difficult to define it precisely because all the hair does not grow at the same rate. The length of growth phase and intensity of cell division depends on many factors including nourishing and moisturising from the inside. That is why monthly hair growth will be varied for different people. Even one's hair can grow at different pace throughout the year, as a disease, weather conditions, stress, and other factors have a strong influence on it.

A recipe for long hair

Many studies show that the average monthly growth of hair is 1 cm. This means that on average, your hair grows by 12 cm in a year. Unfortunately, damaged and deprived of proper nutrition, hair will grow much slower. It is enough to give it the necessary ingredients and strengthen it to increase the average monthly growth of hair up to 2-3 cm.


The life of each hair begins in the very complex structure of hair follicles. We have 5 million hair follicles distributed all over our body! About 100-150 thousand of them are located in the scalp. The number of hair follicles remains unchanged for the entire life, but not all of them are active. Therefore, if a cosmetic causes the growth of new hair, in fact, it activates the dormant bulbs.

The basic division of the hair is the distinction between the shaft (part of the hair above the epidermis) and the root of the hair (subcutaneous part). When discussing hair growth, it is much more important what is under the skin. The root of the hair (the bulb) is surrounded by a hair follicle in which the entire hair is rooted. There, at the lower parts called the hair matrix, cell divisions are formed, which result in hair growth.

Hair growth phases

Hair growth is related to the life cycle of hair, which, during our life, takes place in the follicles even 20-30 times. The hair growth takes consists in four successive phases, among which the most important is anagen.

Anagen - a growth phase in which strong cell divisions occurs, the bulb is formed, and the hair begins to rise above the surface of the skin. At this stage, there is about 80-85% of hair and lasts from 3 to 6 years, which means that healthy hair can grow up to 60 cm.

The next phase is catagen (transitional phase) when the cell divisions cease, and the bulb gradually disappears. After that, the telogen phase comes (the resting phase), when the bulb and hair are already completely calloused, dead, but still in the follicles. The last stage is the exogen (release phase) when the cycle starts afresh and the hair falls out - it is actually pushed out of the follicles by the new bulb.


Once we have the right background, richer by theory, we can think about what accelerates hair growth. There are less and more effective methods because everything depends on the individual needs of our hair and susceptibility to the various ingredients that we deliver. The principle is simple - the methods of boosting hair growth must be selected after a trying out many ways (even if many of them end up in failure).

What to eat to boost hair growth?

It is said that our diet has a significant effect on the speed of hair growth. There is a grain of truth in it because nutrients for hair follicles are also delivered from the inside. However, a balanced diet for hair growth should only be a supplement to standard external hair care. The number of essential nutrients supplied with food is too small to provide instant hair growth.

Scalp massage and hair growth

Do you know that massage is not only a great relaxation method? Performing it often and regularly, it will stimulate hair growth. This is possible because the main purpose of massage is to stimulate the circulation and thereby increase the number of nutrients supplied to hair bulbs. Scalp massage improves skin microcirculation and strengthens the hair. In consequence, it falls out less and grows faster. This method works best when combined with natural care, because scalp massage, especially after applying an oil, allows to absorb valuable substances faster.

Homemade methods for hair growth

How to speed up hair growth with natural methods? There are many ways that have been used for centuries. If we want to accelerate the growth of hair growth in natural ways, it is worth mentioning, for example, the following ingredients.

  • Yeast - is a source of amino acids, minerals and B vitamins (also biotin). Yeast strengthens, smooths and accelerates hair growth. The most popular method is to drink yeast with warm water or milk and prepare a homemade yeast mask.
  • Black turnip - contains a lot of vitamins B and vitamin C, which are necessary for proper hair growth. Black turnip strengthens and nourishes the bulbs and boosts the growth of hair. People who struggle with hair loss often reach for it to inhibit excessive hair loss. The best effects are visible after massaging it into the scalp.
  • Mustard - warms up, improves microcirculation in the scalp and stimulates the hair follicles, and thus accelerates hair growth. a mustard mask for hair growth is the hit of the Internet. The mustard can be replaced with ground mustard seeds.
  • Fenugreek - provides nutritional, anti-inflammatory and stimulant properties for regeneration. Thus it works well in hair growth treatments and those designed to fight against hair loss. Scalp lotion made of fenugreek seeds works best but be aware that it has a strong odour.
  • Coffee - contains caffeine, which not only stimulates the body, and contains a lot of antioxidants. When applied onto the hair, it stimulates hair growth and lengthens its growth cycle. You can choose from a coffee shampoo or homemade coffee masks for hair growth.
  • Nettle - It has a lot of vitamin and micronutrients, among which silica plays an important role. The ingredient is responsible for nourishing and strengthening hair bulbs. The most popular and easy way to use nettle is to prepare a hair rinse which prevents hair loss.

The best way - oils for hair growth!

However, it must be said that no homemade cosmetics based on herbs, spices or vegetables can compete with oils. The ideal method for natural hair growth acceleration is to oil the hair. Natural hair growth oils can be applied without restrictions to the hair and scalp, every day and in various forms, as they are great replacements for masks, conditioners and intensive hair serums. If we match the oil for the type of the hair we have, it will easily penetrate into the scalp and almost immediately will start strengthening, regenerating and nourishing the bulbs. As a result of regular use of oils, your hair is stronger, healthier, less prone to damage and grows faster. A good hair oil can cause even the appearance of baby hair.

The best oil for hair growth?

The most popular oils recommended for hair growth:

  • Castor oil,
  • Mustard oil,
  • Garlic oil,
  • Ginger oil,
  • Laurel oil,
  • Rosemary oil,
  • Blackseed oil.

Cosmetics for hair growth

Of course, you can reach for ready-made cosmetics that accelerate hair growth. However, they must contain natural and safe substances, be free of silicones and parabens, and most importantly, must be suitable for use on the scalp. It is hard to find a better hair cosmetics than Nanoil Hair Oil available in three versions. It not only contains valuable growth stimulants but also oils with the same effects. Such a complex of natural ingredients is the best treatmnet you can provide your hair with.

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