Monoi oil in hair care – stunning and fragrant incomer from Tahiti

Monoi oil in hair care – stunning and fragrant incomer from Tahiti

Exotic monoi oil comes from tropical regions. Its production is a tradition in Tahiti. The oil has been manually extracted for ages. Polynesians are among few who know how to properly produce the oil of flowery aroma.

INCI monoi oil

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Tiare (Gardenia Tahitensis) Flower Extract

Let’s start by dispelling the myth. This fragrant oil is often called tamanu oil. Combination of two names is also common: monoi tamanu.

Sadly, such a combination is inappropriate because tamanu is a completely different oil – extracted from tamanu tree grown in the Pacific. Therefore, when we say monoi tamanu oil, we mean two different oils.

It is an interesting fact that monoi oil is a combination of two natural ingredients:

  • Tiaré flower (gives the oil its exotic scent)
  • coconut oil – Polynesians extract it from sun-dried coconut flesh called copra. Coconut oil in this form is unrefined and preserves all valuable minerals, nutrients and saturated fatty acids.

Monoi oil is also called Tiaré which is similar to the word – tiara. It is because Gardenia is regarded as an unquestioned queen of flowers in Tahiti whereas the air is soaked with the stunning exotic aroma of Tahitian Gardenia.

Uses of monoi oil

Pure form of monoi oil can be used in body, face skin, nail and (most of all) hair care.

Monoi oil is a maceration – it is produced through soaking Tiaré flowers in coconut oil. As a result, it obtains a beautiful fragrance as well as extra power of minerals and elements responsible for the beauty and health of hair.

Monoi oil – hair benefits

Polynesians have been using monoi oil in haircare for ages. Just think of their amazing hair to understand how the oil works. Hair simply loves monoi oil! It is made of tiny particles that are characteristic for all saturated fatty acids. As a consequence, it is easily absorbed but it can make medium porosity hair frizzy. Monoi oil is ideal for nourishing low porosity hair. Its small particles perfectly fill in microscopic gaps of low porosity strands.

Monoi oil is a perfect source of saturated fatty acids that nourish low porosity hair: 44-48% lauric, 16-19% myristic, 7-10% palmitic, 5-8% caprylic, 4-8% capric, 1-4% stearic.

Monoi oil

Monoi oil – properties

Monoi oil is a perfect conditioner for low porosity hair. You must warm it between palms or in a water bath before applying it to hair. It has a beautiful aroma and penetrates inside low porosity hair very quickly.

Monoi oil excellently shields hair from the sunlight, frost and various damages e.g. mechanical. It protects from heat produced by blow-driers, flat iron, curling wand as well as toxins and cigarette smoke. Moreover, the action of monoi oil is enhanced by the heat: if you apply it to hair, put on a towel and warm the turban with a blow-drier, the oil will penetrate inside hair better and more quickly. This is where it starts the fight for healthy and beautiful strands.

Monoi oil contains group B vitamins that are essential for healthy hair growth. Deficit of vitamin B causes excessive hair loss or even stops growth. Monoi oil offers a complex of vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6). Vitamins C and E are also crucial for hair – they slow down hair ageing processes and prevent premature hair greying. Vitamin E is known as the vitamin of youth thanks to its antioxidant qualities. Monoi oil is also the source of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphor and zinc. All these minerals improve hair condition by penetrating inside hair cortex and nourishing. It is worth mentioning that apart from preventing hair loss and enhancing its growth, zinc has a direct influence on production of keratin – main building material of hair. Potassium is an element that regenerates hair bulbs thus makes them stronger. Its action is intensified by magnesium that takes part in the production of proteins e.g. keratin.

Thanks to valuable vitamins and minerals, monoi oil is a great weapon in the battle for repair and health of hair as well as scalp and hair bulbs. The oil enhances the work of sebaceous glands, takes care of proper sebum secretion, leaves hair clean and prevents greasy strands. Monoi oil allows women to tackle problems that they have always struggled with – flat and lacking volume strands. The oil works as a styling primer because it delivers bounce and vitality.

If your hair is heavy, thick, constantly flat and lacks volume whereas styling a hairdo and giving it a new shape is almost impossible – reach out for monoi oil. It will soften your hair and facilitate styling after the very first application. It is a good idea to use monoi oil with other oils that are able to moisturise hair and skin as well as keep proper water-lipid barrier. The best source of such ingredients has been included in Nanoil for low porosity hair.

Monoi oil – is it popular?

Monoi oil receives various opinions. Why is it so? Many women who have high porosity, dry and damaged hair use monoi oil hoping it can help them overcome hair problems. Regrettably, monoi oil’s particles are not big enough to regenerate high porosity strands, therefore there are opinions that it fails to work or makes hair frizzy. Women of high or medium porosity hair should definitely give up monoi oil or apply it exclusively to scalp.

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