Full Body Oil Massage. Which Massage Oils to Choose?

Full Body Oil Massage. Which Massage Oils to Choose?

Relaxation after a long and tiring day is possible thanks to a soothing massage which, in fact, can be enjoyed even at home. All you have to do is reach for natural massage oils. Which ones are said to be the finest and what benefits are brought by massaging body with oils regularly? Learn the natural power of oils.

Imagine yourself living a few thousands years ago. You're in an ancient Roman bath-house. Loud conversations and the splash of water are easy to hear, in the air you can sense the aroma of natural herbs and oils used for massaging. From the present-time perspective this unusual atmosphere was completely common back then - skin conditioning and relaxing oil massages were popular in Roman bath-houses, and this mainly applies to full body massages done using olive oil combined with essential oils.

Ancient people believed that messages possess numerous medicinal properties. And that was true because skin exposed to oil massage becomes supple, smooth and noticeably more elastic. Nowadays, natural massage oils are used in professional beauty parlous, SPA salons and at home.

Do you know all benefits of massage oils? Which popular oils are suitable for relaxing massage? And how to use them in particular to take the most of full body oil massage?

Full Body Massage: Benefits

It wasn't that long ago when most people held the conviction that massage is recommended only to the ill who need rehabilitation. This is a wrong way of perceiving this matter since massages are recommended to everyone who seeks relaxation and soothing combined with body and mind care. This is one of holistic system's principles, which in fact has its origins in alternative medicine. In short, it's a therapy that doesn't only heal soul but also maintains skin in perfect condition.

What Are the Benefits of Full Body Oil Massage?

  1. Stimulates blood and lymph flow which results in boosted skin nourishment.
  2. Relaxes body and muscles, soothes the nerves.
  3. Helps to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks, it leaves skin elastic.
  4. Keeps the adequate hydration of skin.
  5. Smooths epidermis out, leaves it velvety soft and shiny.
  6. Boosts energy and stimulates cell self-renewal processes.
  7. When accompanied with essential oils, it displays aromatherapeutic properties.

Which Oils for Massaging to Choose?

Massage is the most effective when done with the use of right oil. In other words, the final effects of a massage session are determined by the oil you choose for the bodywork. For example, if you want to calm down, reach for lavender oil, whereas in the case of cellulite and stretch marks, sweet almond oil will work definitely better.

NOTE: pure essential oils shouldn't be used for massaging since they may exhibit skin-irritating properties. The base ingredient is a carrier oil that can be enriched with selected additional substances.

The Perfect Carrier Oil

The oil that you are going to incorporate into your blend to massage must be well-absorbing and have the right consistency that facilitates easy distribution on skin. For example, coconut oil is too thick to be used for massaging, yet it can be used once warmed up.

Additionally, a carrier oil should be a precious source of nourishing substances. This is the condition under which massage is able to produce positive effects. Skin will be significantly better pampered and revitalized when the carrier oil used for the treatment is unrefined, cold-pressed and organic. For that reason, natural oils will fulfill this task better than ready-made massage cosmetics.

The Best Massage Oils

  1. ALMOND OIL - cold-pressed and unrefined sweet almond oil is nicknamed the Guard of Youth because it's responsible for skin hydration and prevents elasticity loss. It can be applied to various skin types and - what's interesting - it can be used to treat newborn skin. Owing to its consistency, almond oil is recognized as one of the best to be used for massaging and its fast absorption rate makes it nourish skin intensively from the inside.
  2. GRAPE SEED OIL - almost entirely made up of precious fatty acids and vitamin E it displays antioxidative properties. When used as a massage oil it counteracts premature signs of aging.
  3. JOJOBA OIL - frequently recommended as a massage oil due to its structure that is close to our natural sebum. Thanks to this similarity, it's incredibly well-tolerated by skin. A high quality jojoba oil is a source of precious fatty acids and vitamin E, which are worth delivering to body while giving a massage. Also, it's one of the best moisturising oils because it rebuilds natural hydro-lipid barrier of skin, regenerates it and revitalizes.
  4. AVOCADO OIL - it's a multivitamin bomb that penetrates skin fast leaving it moisturized and nourished for incredibly long. Cold-pressed avocado oil is a valuable source of minerals, vitamins A, B, D, E, H, K and PP as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The oil is recognized for its regenerating properties.
  5. OLIVE OIL - obtained through cold pressing and unrefined beauty olive oil is one of the most common carrier oil used for creating massage blends. And it isn't surprising after realizing that olive oil takes care of skin by keeping the adequate hydration level, smoothing it out, boosting its shine and protecting.
  6. COCONUT OIL - natural coconut oil lures with its lovely aroma. It contains many precious fatty acids and vitamins owing to which skin regains its health and beauty. Sadly, it must be prepared beforehand if you want to use it for massaging. At room temperature coconut oil has the consistency of hard-to-distribute butter, thus it must be warmed up right before giving a massage.

Essential Oils for Massaging

Obviously, full body oil massage isn't limited to using just one particular oil. You can combine it with essential oils that will gift your blend with extra aromatherapeutic properties and boost massage potential.

Below a division of essential oils suitable for body massage by recognizing their main use:

  • Energizing essential oils: sage, eucalyptus, lemongrass, mint, orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, bergamot.
  • Calming down essential oils: orange, chamomile, lavender, rosemary, patchouli, jasmine, Siberian pine.
  • Relaxing essential oils: lavender, sweet orange, ylang-ylang, patchouli, chamomile, geranium, ginger, sandalwood, grapefruit.

How to Give a Massage With Oils?

Some people consciously resign from the benefits that regular full body oil massage offers since for them it seems to be a cumbersome and time-consuming procedure. The truth is, just one oil and a little bit of spare time (best if right after bathing when skin absorbs nourishing substances more easily) is all it takes to enjoy the positive effects that massage is able to produce.

How to do full body oil massage step by step?

Cold Oil Massage

The simplest way is using hands to pick up a portion of oil and spread it on skin by applying circular motions. Within a-few-minute massage the oil will increase its temperature to penetrate skin, nourish it and regenerate.

Warm Oil Massage

Another method that requires a little bit more time and eagerness is warm oil massage. Before diving into it, we have to prepare a selected oil, which means that it has to be warmed up in water bath. Obviously, the oil can't be too hot to prevent skin from scalds. Once warmed up, you can apply the oil to skin and start doing massage. This technique offers maximum relaxation and care.

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